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Hilary Shenton has developed a thriving business from an initial fascination with alpacas, which has now become her passion. She is a qualified Judge for the British Alpaca Society and can often be seen judging at county shows.

We breed and sell, live and love alpacas

Training Courses

We offer training for individuals or groups. Here is a selection of the courses that are run  in Montone (Perugia) , Tuscany , San Marino or Marche.


Introductory Course

An introductory day which will tell you all you need to know about keeping alpacas for pets or as a business. This is a hands-on day and is fast becoming recognised as the best in the industry.


Assessing Your Alpacas

Often it is not until you actually own alpacas that all the questions arise. This in-depth course shows you how to assess the quality of your alpacas both in terms of their conformation and their fleece. You will learn the importance of heritable and non-heritable traits. Finally you will learn the basics of showing alpacas competitively.


Care and Management of Alpacas

A full day that tells you all you need to know about keeping your alpacas healthy, dealing with the vet, matings, pregnancy and caring for the crias.


Successful Breeding Strategies

After ensuring you have the right foundation alpacas, developing your herd depends to a large extent on making the right breeding decisions. This course includes an in-depth section on heritable and non-heritable traits, planning your breeding programme, selection of stud males, successful matings, pregnancy diagnosis, budgeting for success, and much more.



Zarza also runs special events which cover holistic veterinary care, pregnancy and neonatal care, fleece sorting etc.

Course dates: Saturday 7 February 2015, Saturday 7 March 2015

Saturday  - Introduction to Alpacas

Venue: Montone, Umbria
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Passionate about alpacas Passionate about alpacas
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