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Hilary Shenton has developed a thriving business from an initial fascination with alpacas, which has now become her passion. She is a qualified Judge for the British Alpaca Society and can often be seen judging at county shows.

We breed and sell, live and love alpacas

Alpacas for Sale

Here is a selection of our alpacas for sale. Prices range from €2000 - €6500 (+IVA) per female depending upon pedigree and the number that you buy.  


Featured Sale Alpaca - Suri Barbara

Name: Suri Barbara SOLD

A lovely 4 year old brown female suri with rich brown fleece that is even in locks and colour.

Barbara is halter-trained and easy to handle.

She has been mated with Cameron (black suri) and her cria is due September 2015.

Featured Sale Alpaca - Suri Bronte

Name: Suri Bronte

A beautiful lustrous,soft fleece with well-defined locks and sound conformation makes 5 year old Bronte an ideal purchase for a new breeder wishing to have the rare suri style.

Bronte has been mated with Zarza Christy (brown suri) and her cria is due October 2016.

Call us now on +39 320 822 7068 if you are interested in these or any other of our stock

Featured Sale Alpaca - Suri Betsy

Name: Suri Betsy SOLD

A beautful very dark brown 4 year old suri with dense fleece that is high lustre and even independent locking.

Fibre in 2014 shows 20.4 micron with 4.38% over 30 microns.

Betsy has been mated to Zarza Christy (brown suri) and her cria is due May 2015. 

Featured Sale Alpaca - Suri Bria

Name: Suri Bria

A pure fawn 5 year old female suri with very good lustre and locks who won First Prize at Cecina Show 2012.

Bria has even colour and density with good locks.

Fibre in 2014 shows 26 micron with 22% over 30 micron.

Bria has been mated with Zarza Christy (brown suri) and her cria is due April 2016.

Featured Sale Alpaca - Suri Exotic

Name: Suri Exotic SOLD

Exotic is a beautiful 4 year old jet black pregnant suri. She has excellent locks and high lustre.

Fibre in 2014 shows 24.1 microns with 12.23% over 30 microns. 

She has been mated to Zarza Christy (brown suri) and her cria is due February 2015.

Call us now on +39 320 822 7068 if you are interested in these or any other of our stock

We offer mainly suris of various ages and colours.

The females are usually sold pregnant to one of our own stud males and so are often over two years old. We also sell stud males and castrated or non-breeding males for pets or companions. No crias are sold unless with their mothers.

Alpacas are herd animals and so you must keep an absolute minimum of two of the same sex.

People usually choose a small group to start their herd; often three pregnant females, some with crias already. There is no need to have your own male for mating until your herd has grown. We will bring our own males to you for mating and you will pay a mating fee. See Stud Males & Breeding for more information.

How to choose 

We will help you to make your choice and to make sure you get the sort of alpacas you want, at the price you want to pay.

Hilary Shenton, a qualified BAS Judge will give you her expert, honest and objective advice, and definitely no hard sell. She will tell you the qualities of each alpaca, and help you make an informed choice, whether your interest is in breeding a high value herd, producing fleece or just having alpacas as pets. 

When you buy alpacas from Zarza you will receive:

  • Alpacas that are fully registered with the British Alpaca Society (BAS)
  • Full genetic information on each alpaca from the BAS, the most complete registry in Europe
  • Full medical history of each alpaca
  • A veterinary certificate of health within two weeks of delivery.
  • A free mating if any pregnancy is lost
  • Training in the care and management of your alpacas
  • Continuing support to ensure you can manage your alpacas successfully

Importation from UK

Working closely with colleagues in England we can offer white and a range of colours of good quality pure suris and huacayas. We regularly import from England to Italy and so you can reserve your alpacas by reviewing photographs, genetic and health information and use our expert advice to build your herd.


If in the future you wish to sell any of your alpacas we can help by introducing you to people who may wish to buy them!

Passionate about alpacas Passionate about alpacas
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